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Military presence and Buddhistization not changed : The Civil Society to Athul Kesap

No changes had occurred as the Government claims. Militarization and Buddhistization is continuing here.It is not possible for them to happen without the prior knowledge of the President Maithripala Sirisena. All these are being staged on a deliberate basis, said the Northern Civil Society to visiting American Envoy to Sri Lanka, Athul Kesap.

The meeting was held in a leading hotel in Jaffna. Government is saying about de-militarization and releasing of people lands. But the reality is that every day a Buddha statue is being planted in the lands of people. The president should be knowing these plannings they further explained.

The American Envoy said that may be the president is not aware of these thing and he will take action in due time. They insisted with the Envoy that justice will be delivered only through International Investigation.

In answer the envoy said that, the American Government is convinced in justice being delivered to Tamil People. Although he said, America will take another action in Geneva sittings, he did not say whether this action will a strong one or lenient one.

They also said that, the lands released now were ear marked for release during Mahindha’s time. tamils will not get any justice from this government they said. It is notable that Attorneys at law, Doctors, Lecturers were included in this delegation.