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Ministers in Jaffna district accused of engaging in vaccination politics

With tens of thousands of people paralysed in their homes without the Covid 19 vaccine in the Jaffna district, government ministers have been accused of bringing in a few thousand vaccines and engaging in vicious political propaganda activities.

Valikamam East Pradeshiya Sabha chairperson Thiyagarajah Nirosh has accused the Prime Minister’s son and minister Namal Rajapaksa of gathering his party figures and  like playing in the playground when he visited Jaffna with a few thousand vaccines yesterday.

“Yesterday, Sports Minister and Prime Minister’s son Namal Rajapaksa came with his officials and party figures and acted as if he was on the playground. Social isolation is central to health regulations in times of infection. Social gaps were not maintained and even selfies were taken. The health department is striving to ensure that people are safely vaccinated at the vaccination center. But politicians are competing to drum up who brought the vaccine.  Dedicated officers are unable to open their mouths.

Tens of thousands of people in the district have not yet been vaccinated. There is a shortage of PCR machines in the province. No action has been taken to solve these problems. People who work daily are paralysed inside their homes without food. No action was taken to provide food for them. But ruling party politicians come here to watch the people being injected”. Nirosh said.