Tamil Diplomat

The Ministries of Education in Northern and Eastern Provinces should become separate entities, requests Sri Lankan Tamil Teachers Association

Among all the Provinces of Sri Lanka, the Northern and Eastern are continuing to encounter setbacks. The basic reason for this is that several other Ministries are being grouped with it. Our Association had confirmed this, through several researches, said a news release issued by Sri Lankan Tamil Teachers’ Association.

In Sri Lanka, the central Education Ministry is being administered under a ministry and the Higher Education is administrated under another Ministry.

In North and East, several sectors such as Sports, Culture, and Youths’ Affairs are attached to the Education Ministries. Hence   importance cannot be given to exclusively Educational matters. Education is an important aspect of life linked to the human values which are beyond the future of a child. There should not occur any further decline in education of the North and East, which had been on the decline for the last 40 years.

Hence the Education Ministry should be brought under a separate Minister, extreme attention should be paid on the education of children, the educational policies of countries with highly advanced Educational systems should be followed, and our Provinces should gain a leading position in Education. The Chief Ministers of the two Provinces should think and take action to implement this without delay.