Saturday 26 September 2020
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Ministry of Defence to ban Maveerar Day observations

Ministry of Defence to ban Maveerar Day observations

In the context of political change has occurred, the Ministry of Defence is to ban the Maveerar Day Observations, the information from the Ministry Circle said.

After the Good Governance Government came to power, the Maveerar Day Observations were held in North and East. Although, surveillance of the Security Forces was in place, no ban was proclaimed.

However, due to the political changes that have occurred in the country, the new Government circles have insisted with the Ministry of Defence that, the Maveerar Day Observations be banned.

The Ministry of Defence has informed about this matter to Police and Security Forces. The IGP is in consultation with the other wings of the Ministry of Defence, over this matter, it is learnt.

For the past few years the Maveerar Day Observation were held with much vigour and sentimentalism by the Tamil People in the North and East.

It is also notable that people are engaged in preparations for the Maveerar Day observations in several places in North and East.

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