Tamil Diplomat

Ministry of Rehabilitation to build 65,000 houses, Secretary to Ministry, V.Sivagnasothy

The Secretary to the Ministry of Rehabilitation had said in a media release of the Ministry that, the ministry will be building 65,000 houses and  priority will be given to the resettled families.

It was stated in the release that, Minister Swaminathan submitted a cabinet paper on 7th of last month and at a subsequent meeting attended by  officials of the Ministry, Army Commander, District Secretary, Officials of the Governor’s and other Offices, it was decided to release 701.5 acre.

Resettlement allowances are being paid by the Ministry for clearing the lands, equipment, food packages, and to construct the temporary houses.

Further, the Ministry had initiated a scheme to construct 65,000 house and this scheme will include Solar electricity, water, water purifying facilities and household equipment. Priorities will be given to resetytling families.

1,000 acre lands were released  earlier in 2015 in addition to 701.5 acre released  now, 500 acre in Kilinochchi District and 1,000 acre in Sampur.