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Modi and Chandrika at Global Hindu- Buddhist conclave

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the two day international conclave under the thenme ‘ The “Global Hindu – Buddhist Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness” in the premises of Vivekananda International Foundation premises in Chanakyapura area.

Former President of Sri Lanka Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, Art of Living Foundation Founder Guruji Sri Sri Ravi shankar and others were present.

It is jointly organized by the Vivekananda International Foundation(VIF) in collaboration with the International Buddhist Confederation and Tokyo Foundation.

Voicing concern over violent non-state actors controlling large territories across the world and unleashing “barbaric violence”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said .

“Intolerant non-state actors now control large territories where they are unleashing barbaric violence on innocent people… The severe limitations in our conflict resolution mechanisms are becoming more and more obvious. It is, thus, no surprise that the world is taking note of Buddhism,” he said without naming any country.


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