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Modi govt may knock on Cong chief Sonia’s door for help on tricky bills

Leaders in the ruling coalition are considering approaching Congress president Sonia Gandhi to help move fresh bills to replace ordinances that the government had pushed in the face of stiff opposition.

The government has sought to introduce in the budget session of Parliament a new bill to do away with the ordinance that ratified a crucial insurance law, though a proposed legislation from the winter session was pending in the Rajya Sabha.

All these ordinances will lapse on April 5 when the 42-day window of passing them in Parliament will end.

The government has been in a fix because it cannot withdraw the existing bill from the Upper House without the Opposition’s consent since any introduction or withdrawal of bills could be done by adopting a motion through votes.

The NDA has just 64 MPs in the 243-member Rajya Sabha and the Opposition has the numbers to vote against the government’s attempt to withdraw the previous bill.

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