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How Modi ruined a tippler’s night in Delhi by not saying ‘Mitron’

However, the pub hoppers were in for a rude surprise and could not avail this very tempting discount as the PM refused to utter Mitron during his 45-minute address. At Rs 31 after the discount, this was an offer that none could resist. Modi, however, denied pub-goers their share of near free beer. Prior to the address, the word Mitron was trending on Twitter.

There were too many jokes being made and the PM may have realised it and deliberately avoided using the word. During his address, he instead used the word Mitra. This, in fact, disappointed all at the pub who could not avail the discount. On the social media the word Mitron was trending the whole of Saturday night. However, Modi in his 45-minute address did not use the word even once.

Many on the social media joked that they were disappointed that the PM did not use the word even once. Some questioned if Modi would replace the word with Doston. In his 45-minute address, Modi defended the decision on demonetisation. He also announced sops for farmers, women and senior citizens. He further went on to state emotionally that the conditions would improve in the future.(ONE INDIA,2017)