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More bodies exhumed at mass grave in suspected Thai trafficking camp

Dozens of police and volunteers exhumed six more bodies on Saturday in the second day of digging out a mass grave near a suspected human trafficking camp on a hillside deep in a southern Thai jungle.The digging site, in Sadao district in Songkhla province, on Friday yielded four bodies believed to be migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh. About 30 people are thought to be buried at the site.

Authorities found a lone survivor at the camp on Friday and two others, both children, on Saturday. The children were taken to a nearby hospital.Police General Aek Angsananont, deputy commissioner-general of the Royal Thai Police, told reporters authorities had known about the camp’s existence for a while.”We heard news about this camp and tried to find it many times but because it was deep jungle, it was very difficult,” he said. He said police believed the deaths were due to “a disagreement within the human trafficking trade.”

Rescue workers dig as human remains are retrieved from a mass grave at an abandoned camp in a jungle Illegal migrants, many of them Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar and Bangladesh, brave often perilous journeys by sea to escape religious and ethnic persecution and to seek jobs in Malaysia and Thailand, a regional trafficking hub