Tamil Diplomat

More than 100 Indian trawlers poaching in Sri Lankan sea every day

The invasion of Indian Trawlers increased again in Sri Lankan seas. As the SL navy had stopped arresting poachers, every day more than 100 Indian Trawlers invade into Sri Lankan water and destroying Marine Resources, local fishermen complained.

No poachers were arrested during the past month and those were arrested earlier were also released recently. Sri Lanka Government also has pledged to release the already captured boats. Last week, the  SL Navy drove away some 100 boats which had come near Kachatheevu. More than 400 fishermen who man about 160 boats are affected by the Indian Trawlers’ intrusion.

However, the Mathagal Fisheries Society alleged that Navy men had told them that they had been ordered to ‘look the other way’ when Indian Trawlers come.

When the spokesman for the Navy, Kosala Warnasooriya was contacted by a local newspaper in Jaffna, he assured that no such orders had been given and the surveillance for poacher is continuing.

Anyway, the Fisheries Society had decided to present their problems directly to the Fisheries Minister.