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Most Dangerous UXOs in the world found in Muhamalai: Halo Trust demining Agency

The Halo Trust demining Agency said that, Muhamalai is a place where most dangerous in the world, Anti-personnel mines, UXOs, and ammunition were found. The Halo Trust which is undertaking demining in Sri Lanka for the last 13 years had removed more than 200,000 anti personal mines in Muhamalai recently.

Although there is a research is being undertaken to determine whether Iraq or Muhamalai is the most dangerous area with land mines and anti personal mines, but Muhamalai contains some most dangerous IEDs and ammunitions they said.

They also said that, in the areas of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mulaitheevu, Trincomalee, and Mannar,200,000 anti personnel mines, 41,601 scattered ammunition, 22,778 UXOs, 875 vehicle mines, 671,724 pieces of ammunitions had been  recovered so far.