Monday 16 July 2018
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MP, Charles condemns the Mulaitheevu District Secretary

MP, Charles condemns the Mulaitheevu District Secretary

The District Secretary who has shown much interest in resettling Muslim people, kept silent when the Tamil people were affected in the Mahaweli Scheme, accused the TNA MP Charles Nimalanathan.

The Coordinating Committee meeting for Mulaitheevu district was held at the District Secretariat on Monday.

Arguments originated when the Minister Rishad Badi-ud-deen said that, lands have been identified to resettle Muslim People.

We do not deny that fact that lands should be given  to the landless Muslim people but, why had the District Secretary has not shown the same interest when the people were affected in Mahaweli Scheme, or when the local fishermen were affected in fishing?, asked Charles Nirmalanathan MP.

When Minister Rishad said that the authority of the District Secretary is limited, Raviharan got up to say that he had shown in the last meeting a letter from the Additional Land Commissioner but no action has been taken. The deeds say extent of land is 4 acre, but you have said it is 2 acre.  Are you trying to rob the people of their lands he asked.

Replying the charges the District Secretary Rupawathy Ketheeswaran said that a Mobile service was held recently. The Land Commissioner also participated in it. The people who were affected by Mahaweli scheme was invited for this service and The Land Commissioner General had said that the lands of the Tamil people should be given to them. Mahaweli Development Board also has agreed to this. In some case the land will be divided among the members of the Family.

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