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Mullaitivu Election Arena sans excitation and deserted: Campaigns end on 25th

The Election department had announced that all propaganda campaigns for the Puthukudiyiruppu and Karaithuri Pattu  Pradeshiya Saabs  should be terminated on 25th mid night .

This election is to be held on the basis of the voters list of 2014, but it will be held on the basis of nominations submitted in 2011. 6 political parties and an independent group are contesting in the elections. Although the elections had drawn near, no election fever had infected the area. Currently the TNA is seem to be dominating. No other party has shown interest in order to challenge it. No canvassing also is done. A few people who are contesting  on behalf of TNA had pasted some posters – No propaganda meeting had been organized to date. No interest is shown by the people. The voting will take place on 28th.