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Mullivaikkal genocide commemoration event held at a special place in Mullaithivu: Declaration released

The main event of the 12th anniversary of the Mullivaikkal genocide took place simplistically in a specially organized place in the Mullaithivu district.

The event was held under the auspices of the Mullivaikkal Memorial Public Structure organising Tamil genocide remembrance events. The event, which began with the lighting of sacrificial flame, and paid homage to all the survivors of the liberation struggle.

Mullaithivu, which was the site of the final battle in 2009, has been paralyzed by the Corona threat and has been brought under surveillance by tri-forces, police and army intelligence since midnight yesterday.

Security forces have also been deployed at the Mullivaikkal yard, where the Mullivaikkal memorial is usually held.

As such, the commemorative event was held in secret in an exclusive location in accordance with the announcement that an alternative commemorative event would take place if conditions were not conducive.

At the end of the event,  Mullivaikkal declaration was issued. The following demands are put forward in this Declaration.

-Remembrance is not only a fundamental right but also a cultural right of the Eelam Tamils. Therefore, the Government of Sri Lanka can never restrict the right of Eelam Tamils to remember,

-To bring justice to the genocide of Tamils, not only the perpetrators of genocide but also the Sinhala-Buddhist state should be brought before the International Criminal Court.

-We call on the UN Human Rights Council to refer Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court and set up an international mechanism to investigate the genocide of Tamils.

-Recognise the genocide of Tamils and make sure it does not happen again.

-Stop the continuing structural genocide in the North and East.

-We affirm the multinational character of Sri Lanka and declare that Tamils are entitled to the nation and that Tamils are entitled to autonomy on the basis of their exclusive sovereignty and right to self-determination.

-All Eelam Tamils, let us unite in the ‘Eelam Tamil spirit’ and come forward to work for the liberation of Tamils.