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Mushroom Research Centre to be set up in the North, says Mihunthan, Professor of Agriculture, University Of Jaffna

A Research Centre for developing the cultivation of Mushrooms in the North through undertaking research in the centre will be set up in the Agricultural Faculty. It is the need of the current time that further research is being undertaken through the Mushroom Research  Centre, said the Jaffna University’s Agricultural Professor, S. Mihunthan.

A seminar on the cultivation of Mushrooms in the Northern Province and the problems related to it, at the Kondavil Sewa Lanka hall recently.

Professor Minhunthan participated in this seminar and said that, Mush room is an edible and natural food item without any poisonous substances or chemical fertilizers and have medicinal characteristics. It has properties of preventing and decreasing Diabetes and heart problems.

We should add Mushroom food to our daily diet. Opportunities and facilities are there in the North to take the Mushroom cultivation to an ultimate level. We had to endeavour to produce mushroom with unique qualities at par “Jaffna Mangoes”, “Jaffna grapes” and Jaffna Tobacco”.

Mushrooms had been included in the food items of our ancestors.People had used the mushrooms that grow on anthills in the rainy season, said he.