Tamil Diplomat

Muslim people in fasting protest in front of Army Camp in Navalady, Batticaloa demanding their lands release

16 Muslim families have erected a tent in front of the Army Camp in Navalady, falling under the DS Division of Koralaipattu Centre in Batticaloa District, demanding the release of their lands on which the Army Camp had been set up.

We were living from 1968 on this land and were displace in 1990 and are living in the houses of relatives and friends. Although we requested state officials and politicians to get our lands released to us and obtain us compensations no action had been taken so far. Because of this we have undertaken this fasting, the people said.

The Army camp was set up on the lands of 18 people. Two families were given alternate lands by the Divisional Office. Hence the lands of 16 families should be released. The struggle will continue until the lands are released, they said.

Divisonal Secretary of the Koralaipattu Centre, Mrs.Nihara Mawjooth, when contacted said, that they have already written to the Ministry of Resettlement and superior officers regarding granting alternate lands to people who have lands in the area of the Army Camp. If the Army will release the lands, those will be released to the people, she said.