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My father told me, “They have asked to surrender to the Army with white flags” : Nadesan’s son in Geneva

The Leader of the Political Division of the LTTE, P.Nadesan contacted me over the telephone in the morning of 2009 May 18th, before surrendering to the Army, and told me that, all arrangements had been made to surrender and that they are going to surrender, said the son of P.Nadesan, said in a side event held in the UN Human Rights Commission complex in Geneva yesterday.

While talking in this conference organized jointly by the British Tamil Forum, Pasumai Thayaham Foudnation   and  United States Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC) and while speaking to the media later, the son of Nadesan shared what he talked with his father on the last days and stated that what happened to the Tamil people should be made known to the outside world.

He further said there,

“ I had been in contact with my father during the final phase of the war in May 2009. When he was talking with me on May 15th, he said that a situation of surrendering may arise and that they were in talks with several parties about their surrender. He didn’t mention anything in detail who he was talking to. I also didn’t ask any details. But, he mentioned that they were looking for guarantee of their lives and also surrender in the presence of third party.

He passed his phone over to my mother and I talked to my mother. When I was talking to her, she told me that there wouldn’t be any problem. We are here today, but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Then I asked her whether they had their meals. She said, that the shell attack is heavy and that they are unable to go out to cook. They are shelling continuously, she said. That was my last time I talked to my mother.

After that , on 18 May early morning, there was a desperate call from my father, and he said that he had spoken to several parties including diplomats, and everything  had been arranged for surrender. He said they were advised to go with white flags and surrender to the Sri Lankan army. Father did not tell me with whom they had talked. I also did not ask anything considering the tense state they were in. I know very well that they were very busily engaged in making arrangements for surrendering.

The Sri Lankan Government had killed thousands of lives and now saying that they have brought the war to an end. But, it is essential that what actually happened to the Tamil people should be brought out.

“After the end of the war, the organizations abroad acted well against the Human Rights violations of the Sri Lankan Government. But, now a slackness is observed in their activities. The wish of everybody is that they should act with the same vigour with which they have acted earlier.

“ The Tamils Diaspora  had always been a great strength to the Tamil people of the homeland. Their activities had always very helpful to the people there. The Sri Lankan Government was destabilized and forced into certain compromises because of their activities. Hence the Tamil Diaspora should act with vigour as in earlier times.” , he said.

UNHRC Side Event