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My son who was arrested with Balachandran is missing: father

“My son Ainkaran, joined LTTE in 2002 and was working with Colonel Gaddafi’s  International  Coordination Centre”.  A father of a missing son told the Commission on Missing persons which held its sitting in Jaffna yesterday.

Around 2006, EPDP came and threatened us. Whenm we complained to the HRC they advised us to seek refuge in the prison. We  went into hiding.

During the final days of the war he was with Balachchandran, the younger son of Prabaharan and eye witnesses said that he was arrested with Balachchandran. There were some photographs of the dead body of Balachchandran, but my son’s body was not among those in those  photograph. Where is my son now? Find him for me, cried Markandu Arulanantham, the father of Ainkaran, while testifying at Thellipalai PS, before the Commission on missing persons yesterday.