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Naranthanai Attack on TNA – Nepoleon, Mathan and Jeevan sentenced to double death sentence

Three suspects in the attack on TNA at Naranthanai, Nepoleon Mathan and Jeevan, of the EPDP were found guilty and sentenced to double death sentences and 20 years rigorous imprisonment each by the high Court Judge M.Ilancheliyan. After 15 days of continuous trial this sentence has been delivered.

Sebastian Ramesh (Nepoleon), Nadarajah Mathanarajah(Mathan), Anton Jeevarasa (Jeevan)and Namasivayam Karunakara Kurumoorthy were charged under 47 counts and found guilty. Earlier, when the accused were granted bail 1st and 2nd accused had fled the country and living in a foreign country International warrant is pending against the.

The 4th accused was acquitted from all charges as he was not present  at the spot. Main testimonies were given by M.K.Sivajilingam, Mawai Senathyrajah, Suresh Premachandran, Vinthan Kanagaratnam and Nadarasa Raviraj had given evidence, indicating the accused by their name.

The judge in his judgment had said the as three suspects have been identified the mob of 50 are acquitted from the case and first three accused are condemned to double death sentence each for the double murder committed by them and to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment each for the injuries caused to 18 persons including Ssivajilingam and Mawai Senathyrasa. The international warrant issued against the first two accused was also renewed.