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National Anthem Could be Sung in Tamil , rules the Supreme Court

A case of violation of basic human Rights filed against the singing of National Anthem in Tamil was dismissed without hearing yesterday by the Sri Lankan Supreme Court.

The Supreme court pointed out that right of singing the National Anthem in Tamil has been provided by the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

This violation of Basic Human rights case had been filed saying the action by the Sri Lankan Government to  sing the National Anthem is illegal. This case was filed by five person from Kelaniya in Gampaha District.

In the context this case was to be taken up for trial yesterday, the case taken up for hearing before a panel of 3 judges yesterday.

The Supreme Court ruled that as per the interpretation of the Attorney General, they are dismissing the case even without trial. The Supreme Court indicated that, the Attorney General had pointed out in his interpretation that,  the right for singing the National Anthem in Tamil has been provided for in the  Constitution of  Sri Lanka.