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National Anthem sung in Tamil this time also in the Colombo celebration of Independence Day

The National Anthem was sung in Tamil, this year also, at the Official Independence Day celebration at Colombo.

The National Anthem was sung in Tamil at the Independence Celebrations of 2016, after many long decades . Following the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil last year, large scale disturbances were evident in the political arenma of the South.

Extremist organizations like Bothu Bala Sena, Singha Le and some politicians of the likes of  Uthaya Gammanpila raised much chaos.

Two persons from Gampaha filed cases of violation of their Human rights by the singing at the Supreme Court. However the court rejected their petition.

It is notable that in the celebrations this year, led by the President Maithripala , the National Anthem was sung in Tamil, following the rendition in Sinhala.