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National Schools Foot ball under 15 – Northern Schools sweeps the board, Patrick’s winning Gold

In the National Schools Foot ball Championship for under 15, Northern schools swept the board with Patrick’s, Henry’s and St. Lucias winning Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.

This is the first time that all three places won by Northern schools. It is notable that the achievement levels of the Northern schools had been exemplary.

Two sister’s had won medals for North in Cycling.  Some results  are given below:

Age group Event School place
<15 Foot ball St. Patrick’s, Jaffna Gold
St. Henry’s, Illavalai, Jaffna Silver
St. Lucias, Mannar Bronze
Cycle Race N. Vithusana , Kokkuvil Hindu Silver
N.Nitharsana , Vembadi GHS Bronze
<15 Kabadi Methodist GS, Point Pedro Gold
Nelliady Central Silver.
<17 Football St. Patrick’s, Jaffna Bronze