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Natural disasters are the result of people living like parasites on mother Earth : P.Ainkaranesan

Earth is our mother. Earth is revered as mother not only in Tamil but in every other language. But we never behave like her children. We are living like parasites on the earth. The natural disasters are the result of this parasite like living, said the NPC Environmental Minister, P. Ainkaranesan.

The subsiding natural disaster day event was held in Mullaitheevu Chemalai Maha vidyalayam, day before yesterday under the aegis of the Northern Ministry of Environment.In this event, which was held to people aware that although it is not possible to avoid the natural disasters , their impacts could be subsidized, Minister Ainkaranesan participated as the Chief Guest and pointed out as above.

Speaking further, he said, Earth has a life. As we are studying the subjects separately as Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Biology, we are unable to comprehend the complete dimension of the earth. The Earth maintains the balance of its Temperature and the proportions of gas mixtures in the atmosphere. When this balance is disturbed, natural Disasters occur.

The current population on the Earth is around 7.4 Billion. We excessively plunder the resources of earth and destroy her. When this plundering goes beyond limit she revolt and destroy us through natural disasters.if we continue to plunder like this we and the Earth will be destroyed, he said.