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Navy trying to buy people lands at trifle prices, at Vankalai: accuses Nirmalanathan

Navy is attempting to threaten owners of land along beach of Vankalai village, and rob the lands. This I see as a excessive and  authoritative act, said Charles Nirmalanathan, Vanni MP and Co-chair , Mannar Coordinating Committee.

It is accused that the Navy is trying to rob a land one acre in extent, along the beach of Vankalai, which belongs to 4 persons. Nirmalanathan said as above when commenting on it.

on 22nd of this month, the navy arranged to survey this land in order to acquire it. I informed the Nanattan DS and Mannar District Secret and got this surveying stopped. The 4 owners have in their possession of documents of ownership.

Although, the Good governance had released some land in the Jaffna District not a single acre was released in Mannar District. Lands on which people lived continuously in Mullikulam is still occupied by the Navy People are living in jungle. Although they have got housing scheme they unable build houses without lands.

In this context the navy is trying to acquire lands they have occupied earlier.