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It is necessary that the people of North and East join together, says Eastern CM

It is the need of the hour that the Northern and Eastern people should get together and act, for getting ultimate Power Devolution. The need for SLMC and TNA to work in unison has the same importance of the CM, NPC’s call with regard to this, said the Eastern chief Minister, Seinulaptheen Naseer Ahamed.

The CM, NPC had recently said that if the Eastern CM is willing to talk regarding the merger of North and East, he is prepared to discuss it with him. He made this call after the meeting between TPC and Muslim Civil Societies of Eastern Province on 10th, Friday.

The Muslim and Tamil leadership should get together to get Ultimate Power Devolution. But the Government will not like the Tamil and Muslim Societies working in unison. Struggle had become necessary for the rights of minority societies.

If the Government had acted honestly, at the least, it could have granted the powers given in the Constitution in the past two years. But the Government is acting in a way to reduce the power. We cannot allow this.

The stance of our party(SLMC) is that the Tamil and Muslim Leadership should work together to win the rights of the Tamil and Muslim people, he said.