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Neduntharahai coming to Jaffna soon

The boat Neduntharahai, built in the Colombo Dockyard, for the purpose of being engaged in passenger service in the North will start its journey to North from Dockyard Ltd., on January 5th evening and reach Kurikadduwan pier on the 9th, said the chief Secretary of Northern Province, A.Pathinathan.This boat was built for engaging in passenger service between Kurikadduwan and Delft, under Nelsip Project with funding from World Bank, at a cost of 150 Million Rupees. The building of the boat was undertaken by Colombo Dockyard Limited.

The Boat is constructed with adequate facilities for 80 passengers. The Engine for the boat was brought from India and fitted to the boat.As the building of the boat had reached completion, the boat will start from the Dockyard Ltd. premises on 5th and will be brought by sea route to Jaffna.

Comenting on this Chief Secretary Pathinathan said, ” Training for 6 persons who are to man the boat were provided by us at the Mahapola establishment under the Port Authority. They have completed their training and returned to Jaffna. They will be attached to Neduntharahai for practical training. The event for handing over Neduntharahai will be arranged for end of January. We applied to the Navy to take Neduntharahai to Jaffna by sea route and the permission had been granted.”It is notable that the Navy had refused permission to take the boat through Puttalam sea area and had alternatively asked the boat be taken through eastern sea area, which had increased the length of the journey from 3 days to 5 days.