Tamil Diplomat

“Neduntharahai” to be handed over service today

The Boat Nedunthatrahai built with financial contribution from World Bank will be handed over today for the service of the people, by the Northern Chief Minister and the Minister of Local Government.

Members of Parliament and the Members of the NPC are scheduled to participate in this event to be held today morning. Earlier, it was planned to build a boat at the cost of 150 million, from World Bank under NELSIP project, for the travelling of the people between Kurikadduwan and Delft.

The new boat was constructed with adequate facilities for 80 passengers to travel in it. The construction task had been after obtaining an Engine from India and fitting it to the boat. In this context, this boat is to be handed over to the people jointly by the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran and Faizer Musthapa, the Minister of Local Government.

The Northern Governor Reginold Cooray and the State Minister, Wijayakala Maheswaran will also participate in this event.