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New alliance formed in Tamil Nadu to safeguard Rights of the Tamils

A new alliance was formed  yesterday in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, under the name of TAMIL MOLYURIMAI KOOTIYAKKAM ( Joint Movement for the Rights of Tamil Language) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Anti- Hindhi imposition struggle of 1965, and to promote it as the Language Rights Year and to fight for Language Rights in Tamil Nadu.

Several Tamil Organisations,People’s Organisations, Tamil Scholars, and creative writers have got together to form this Alliance, placing to the fore several objectives including,   making Tamil as one of the Official languages of the Central Government, and making Tamil as the Official Language in all the sectors of Tamil Nadu. Mr.Aaly Snthilnathan, the general Secretary of the the People’s Federation was elected unanimously as the Coordinator of the Joint Movement.

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