Thursday 16 July 2020
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New Alliance under Utaya sooriyan (Rising sun)

New  Alliance under  Utaya sooriyan (Rising sun)

ITAK is leading the Tamil people towards disaster. The objective of the new coalition under the Uthayasooriyan is to control the authoritarian actions of ITAK and to provide a new leadership to Tamil People, said the new coalition under the Uthayasooriyan Symbol.

Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), EelamPeople Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF), Jananayaka  Tamil Arasuk Kadchi ( JTAK), Eelavar Jananayaka Munnany (EJM), Rehabilitated  former militants, and social Organization encouraging social equity had got together under the banner of TULF and had announced that they will contest under the Uthayasooriyan symbol.

The ITAK is acting as a party, which safeguard the agenda of Sri Lanka Government locally and abroad. It has renegade on Federal system, NE merger and Priority to Buddhism. It has openly supported the Budget of the Government, specially the allocations to Defence Ministry, which will used to sustain the large number of Military personnel stationed in the N & E.

Basis of the Alliance

The N&E  should be acknowledged as the traditional and Historical Home Land; their Right to self determination acknowledged and a autonomy for them has to be created within a united country.

Those who accept that the important thing here is the liberation and their social, economical development of Tamil People and their security could go forward along with us, the alliance has said.

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