Tamil Diplomat

New controls on people who went into HSZ for worship

All the telephones were taken over the army before allowing the people who went into Vali North HSZ, for worship at the Mother Mary’s church inside HSZ.

Army had earlier allowed for the people to go in for worships at the above church once a month. Yesterday around 150 persons including clergy and 3 MPs. These people were not allowed to take in their cameras and telephones with them.

Only those who travelled in the vehicles of the three MPs, Mawai Senathyrasa, Charles Nirmalanathan and S.Siritharan who accompanied the people, were allowed to them.

27 years have passed after we got displaced.  There are neither any other building other than this church, nor a single army sentry point in this area. It is evident that the Army is unnecessarily keeping this land. They must take action to release this area for the people to resettle in it, the people said to MP, Mawai Senathyrasa. In reply Mawai said that the TNA is continuously taking action to get the Vali North lands released and action will be taken to get these lands also.

It is notable that the army was massed around the church until the people returned after the worship.