Tamil Diplomat

New evidence will emerge following postponement of UN report: US

Keith Harper, US representative to UNHCR in Geneva has expressed hope that the consensus decision to delay the report will enable the emergence of new evidence.

He sated that the United States commended the pledges made – and initial steps taken – by the new Sri Lankan government to revive Sri Lanka’s democracy, improve governance, support credible justice and accountability mechanisms, enhance the protection of human rights, and facilitate reconciliation after nearly 30 years of war.

He said:  “We encourage the Sri Lankan Government to use the time between now and the release of the report to work jointly with OHCHR to achieve these shared goals, and – when the report is released – to duly consider the recommendations contained therein.

We very much look forward to the publication of OHCHR’s report later this year. When the Council provided this mandate to OHCHR, we entrusted the High Commissioner to discharge it faithfully. The United States continues to trust in the High Commissioner in this regard. We are willing to be guided by his judgment as to how to best fulfill this mandate. .

US hopes that new information becomes available that will enable the report to provide the Council and the people of Sri Lanka a more complete picture of what occurred.

He also said that the United States government is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring accountability, justice, reconciliation, and respect for human rights for all the people of Sri Lanka.

We are confident that the efforts here in Geneva will enable the international community and the Government of Sri Lanka to work together to realize these shared objectives,”