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New government is a strange alliance of parties: Dinesh Gunawardena

Dinesh Gunawardena, Mahajana Eksath Peramuna Leader, has stated that the new government is a strange alliance of parties with different ideologies.

He was speaking in Parliament. He continued: ‘The present alliance is comparable to a strange, a marriage of convenience. The opposition will be vigilant over the relationship of these parties to form a government and watch what such relationship would work out during the first 100 days.

This situation is unprecedented. A new government is in power without winning a general election. There is a new prime minister. He has entered into a weird marriage with other parties. We keep an eye on how this marriage is going to work out. The UNP is the party that worked for the victory of Maithiripala Sirisena in the presidential election. It has to be accepted. We will support the government in power but if there are any moves against the motherland and its people, we will never hesitate to stand up against it.

We can never forget and overlook the victories achieved in the name of motherland by the former President. When he was elected President in 2005 the country was not united. It was on the verge of division. But the former President united this country and brought it under one flag. There is a sinister campaign to discredit the leaders who freed the country from terrorism. Media is used to sling mud at them. This, we condemn vehemently.

There is a strange situation in Parliament today after the new PM entered into a political marriage with certain political parties. This is a political marriage of convenience but what resulted is only utter chaos. Those responsible for this should bring order out of chaos before it takes a turn for the worse.”