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New government lacks credible strategy for eliminating corruption: Says AHRC

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in a statement issued yesterday said Sri Lanka’s new government lacks credible strategy for eliminating corruption.

“His (Maithripala Sirisena )  catchwords were Yaha palanaya (good governance), which itself implies radical elimination of corruption. Today, 75 days into his palanaya (rule), there is hardly anything that the government can claim as an achievement, save for announcements of some inquiries initiated and some restrictions imposed on a few persons to prevent them travelling overseas”  AHRD said.

“There is nothing to be surprised about this outcome. The new government did not have and does not have a well thought out strategy on the elimination of corruption. It has merely attempted ad hoc actions and broadcast a lot of public statements, rather than work on an overall strategy that can lay the groundwork for the elimination of corruption.”   The Commission further said in its statement.