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New laws to prevent catching Blue Swimming Crabs, District Fishermen Federation sounds alert

The Jaffna District Fishermen’s Federation has warned that action has been taken to prevent the Northern Fishermen from catching Blue Swimming Crabs(BSC) through enacting new laws of banning catching of Blue Swimming Crafts in the northern seas.

The BSCs are caught by some fishermen societies with the connivance of private firms. These private firms have used GPS technology to map out concentrated habitats in the seas of the island sector, of BCGs and now bringing southern fishermen to catch them. Their excessive catching are affecting the livelihood of local fishermen.

Currently a private firm called Steeve Creech has already identified BSC concentration through GPS technology in the in the seas off Madaitheevu . This firm is taking action to ban local fishermen fishing for BSC in these areas.

Blue-Swimming-CrabsThe federation has requested the relevant officials of the Fisheries sector to take action for making the fishing in seas off Jaffna peninsula, the exclusive rights of the local fishermen.

Neutral observers said the efforts of the private firms are backed by a state organization masquerading as a Marine research organization, which came into operation during the period of the Mahindha Government.