Tamil Diplomat

News Bits

  •  Mystery Meteorite will fall near Hambanthotta Seas -Arthur C. Clark Center.
  •  Paranagama Report had hidden Genocide -Tamil Nadu organization complains to Pan-kee-moon.
  •  The Government acting partially with regard to TPPs -Wickramabahu Karunaratne.
  •  The Security Council Meeting was never held in the Underground Palce of Mahindha  – Gen.Sarath Fonseka.
  •  PM intervening in Vimal Weeravansa affairis improper -Asath Zaly.
  •  The Government is doing only what the Tamils want -Vimal Weeravansa.
  •  A minister from a western province District in an intrigue to de-throne Ranil Government – A Colombo Media
  • Making Mahindha’s Palace public is not a Security Risk- Jointly say the Government and the Army