Tamil Diplomat

News Bits

*Government decides to revoke PTA next month…..Colombo media.
* European Union to grant Rs.150 million for the development of North and Eastern people. – David Dally, EU Ambassdor to Sri Lanka.
*Nish Biswal on a sudden visit to Colombo with a special message from Obama.
*Blockades in the inquiries of Trincomalee and Muthur Masacre, Forces not cooperating – Colombo media.
* Cardinal Malcom Rangit Bans expensive Christmas  celebrations.
* Inquiries on Missing persons in Jaffna despite the recommendation to disband Paranagama Commission – Prof. Aerial Dulitski, member of UN Committee.
* The sentences of 34 death row prisoners commuted to Life sentences by President.
* Land ownership will not be given to China – Ranil
* Those who embraced main Tigers oppose release of members – Sajith Premadasa.