Tamil Diplomat

News Bits

  • Special Court with Sri Lankan Judges who had served in International Courts before March 2016 –  State spokesman.
  • Suggestions sought from the public on Reconciliation. Special web site to be opened -Spokes person for Foreign Affairs, Mahesini Collonne
  •  24 of the 46 Major Generals of Sri Lanka Army to retire next year, following Governments decision not extend service after 55 years. Cold war starts to capture Chief of Staff post.
  •  Maithriin attempts to weaken mahindha faction.
  • This Government also traversing the footsteps of former Government – JVP
  • A suspect in Rugby player’s murder, Captain Wimalasena arrested from an Army Camp in Jaffna – Commander of the Army, Kirishantha de Silva.
  •  Revocation of Prevention of Terrorism Act, Government in deep consultation-  Minister of Justice, Wijedasa Rajapakse.
  •  Sri Lanka will be affected by intervention of international countries -Vimal Veeravansa in Berlin.
  • Truths about the budget will come to the open in three months -Udaya Gammanpilla.