Monday 27 January 2020
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News Bits

News Bits

* Power devolution without affecting the Unity : Ranil

* Maithri could not be accepted as the leader of the SLFP
Union of Local Government bodies of Rathnapura District

* Action will be taken against the Government if the Army and Intelligence men are not released :Ravana Balaya

* Powers should be devolved to solve the problems of the Tamils : Mano Ganeshan.

* America respects the voters of Sri Lanka : American Envoy Adul Keshap.

* Japanese Bank to assist in Development of Kattunayake Air Port.

* Demonstration against the Government opposite UN Secretariat in Geneva, Uthaya Gammanpila and
Bandula Gunawardene to participate.

* Basil and Gothabhaya behind the defeat of Mahindha : Prof. Dayan Jayathillke.

The loans taken by Mahindha had to be burdened on the public : Harin Fernando

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