Thursday 2 July 2020
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News Bits

News Bits
  • I will not allow anybody to split the country: President
  • Sampanthan should not be the Leader of the Opposition: 7 parties in demonstration.
  • TNA trying to establish a separate State: Lawyer Anura Laksiri in a case filed in high court
  • If I was there I would not have let Sampanthan to go out alive: Sarath Manamenthra, Leader, New Sihala Urumaya.
  • Astrologers and relatives were the reason for Mahindha’s fall: NorthernGovernor, Reginold Cooray.
  • NPC acting without Diplomatic approach: Minister of Justice, Wijethasa Rajapakse.
  • The NPC resolution has no value: Education Minister, Akilaviraj Kariyawasagam

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