Thursday 16 July 2020
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News Bits

News Bits
  • Tamil People have all the rights to ask for the removal of Army Camps: Wickrabahu Karunaratne.
  • Sinhalese can settle in any part of the country. Can build Buddhist Vihares also: Tilvin, JVP
  • Case filed against the Election Manifesto of TNA accepted for inquiry by  High Court.
  • The split among Diaspora Tamils advantages to the Government: Nimal Siripala de Silva.
  • New party launched led by Major Ajith Prasanna.
  • New constitution created for Radicals: G.L.Peris.
  • The Army is ready to protect the unity of the country: Army Commander, Kirishantha de Silva.
  • Ranil gives immediate transfers to two Finance Officers of the Education Ministry.
  • Corpses are exhumed to hide the inability of the Government: Vimal Weerawansa
  • If Foreign judges come for War Crimes investigations, i will quit politics: Depty. Min. Ajith P Perera

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