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News Bits

  • It is Sarath Fonseka who told me that, Prabaharana is dead: Gotabhaya Rajapakse.
  • Is reconciliation possible when people are going hungry: Rita, UN.
  • President will not accept punishing of Security Forces men: Minister Mahintha Samarasinghe.
  • Intention is not to freeze corruption investigation: Minister Mahindha Amarasinghe comments on controversial statement of the President.
  • We were confronted with war because of the problems of minorities not being solved: Accepts, Minister Luxman Kirielle.
  • Agreement signed to increase the daily wages of plantation workers from 620/= to 730/=.
  • China to provide Rs. 2.623 Billion worth of Military Aid  to Sri Lanka including a deep sea Patrol craft.
  • If dual citizenship is abandoned, chance to contest the election will be granted: Minister S.P.Navinna.
  • No split within the Government: Government Ministers assure.
  • Army Major Wimal Wickramage pays up 2 Million compensation for the LTTE suspect he killed. The comoensation money was raised by the joint opposition.