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News Bits

  • Mahindha received a salary from JR for splitting SLFP : Chandrika Bandaranayake.
  • A time will come when we will not be able to travel to North : Mahintha Rajapakse.
  • Transfer the case of the shooting of students to Anuradhapura for the safety of Police personnel : Uthaya Gammanpilla demands.
  • Joint Opposition complaints against Rani, Mahendran in FCID.
  • New Constitution is a conspiracy of the West : Gunathasa Amasekara.
  • Lethargy of the Government reason behind formation of Prabaharan Padai : Mahintha Rajapakse.
  • Ravi raj murder case tom be tried before special Jury.
  • Ranil should resign : Patriotic National Movement.
  • Anjun Mahendran  cannot escape : Minister Mahindha maraweera.
  • Chamal celebrates Birthday with brother Mahintha.