Friday 13 December 2019
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News Bits…

News Bits…

*  The loop holes in PTA was not visible when Tamils were arrested under it. They have become  visible now when people of certain faction are arrested: Fort Judge, Ranga Dissanayake.

*  Bank loan interest rates for small and medium businessmen will reduced: Ranil

*  Continuous problems to Tamil Nadu Fishermen from Sri Lankan Navy: Stalin, DMK, Tamil Nadu.

*  Gotabhaya should be jailed for life: Chandrika Kumaranathunga.

*  No confidence in SLFP – Pothu Jana Peramuna alliance: G.L.Peris.

*  SLFP – Pothu Jana Peramuna alliance will be victorious: SLFP Secretary, Dayasiri.

*  We will not allow the postponement of Presidential Election : G.L.Pieris.

*  Torture perpetrated on Gotabhaya’s orders: Jasmin Zooka.

* Chamal leaves Constitution council, Maithri back dragging appointment of Sampanthan to it.

*  Maithri trying to keep the post till June next year: Dayasiri Jayasekara, Secretary SLFP.

*  We are ready to deeply cooperate on a widespread fronts with Sri Lanka: China.

* Agreement signed with Canadian Commercial Corporation for the construction of 100 Mega Volt
Floating Solar Power Station.

*  Researcher of International Crisis Group in meeting with Commander of the Army of Sri Lanka

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