Monday 1 June 2020
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News Bits…

News Bits…

*  Poison gas attack may be made in a few days ahead: Mahindha Rajapakse in Parliament.

* Bail to  2 University students on Monday: Attorney General to Secretary to President.

* Army found three men in underground structure in the house of a Muslim person in Badulla.

* Alleviating fear of Muslims is found to be an urgent need: Ravub Hakeem to American Ambassador

* Thappula de Livera appointed as new Attorney General.

* The Government has no power to dismiss the IGP: Mahindha Faction in Parliament

* Commence investigation regarding assets of Rishad Badi-ud-deen: S.P. Dissanayke, MP

* I will go to Courts if Gnanasara Thero is pardoned: Chandya Eknelogoda.

* Harthal in the East demanding sacking of Hisbulla.

* Suspects arrested are being released under Political pressure:  Mahindha Rajapakse.

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