Thursday 9 July 2020
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News Bits….

News Bits….

* Intelligence information regarding Easter Sunday attack no provided to the Army: Army Commander, Mahes Senanayake testifies before the Select Committee.

* Parliament approve the extension of Emergency Law by 42: 2 votes.

*Officers who did not fulfill their duties relevant to Easter Sunday attack,  trying to escape putting the blame on me……..President Maithri.

* Government using Emergency Law to control those who are acting against it Accuses JVP in Parliament.

* ISIS not involved directly in the Easter Sunday attack: Minister of state, Ruwamn.

* Independent Investigation Committee needed for Easter Sunday attack: Cardinal Malcom Rangith.

* Technology of LTTE era still in the Army:  Army Commander, Mahes Senanayake

* If Ranil get into Presidential arena, we will send him home: Challenges Wijedasa Rajapakse.

* 6000 Policemen and 2,000 Army men on duty in Kandy for Esala Perahara.

* Document in social media false I am not an American citizen: Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

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