Saturday 15 August 2020
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News Bits…

News Bits…

* If the past rulers are voted into power Jugle Era will reoccur:Ranil

* What wrong the Rajuapakses have done stop criticizing Rajapakses: Gotachaya Rajapakse

*  No pardon to Gotabhaya despite how many Vihares he go and worship: Minister Rajitha.

* General referendum to solve the problems of the Tamil People: Minister Naveen Disanayake.

* President Maithri summoned to the select Committee On Easter Sunday Bombing.

* Ranil protected Gota for 4 years and now he is using Lasantha’s name for votes: Lasantha’s Daughter.

* It is not true that I have made a pact with Mahindha: President Maithri

* We will not  select candidate with opposition in mind, Policy and Development will given priority: Minister Sajith Premadasa

* Bring people who should account for Easter Sunday Bombing before justice: Sri lanka Catholic Bishop’s Council

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