Sunday 31 May 2020
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News Bits…

News Bits…

*  Citizenship will not be granted to Eelam Tamil refugees: Foreign Minister, India.

* Tamil Political Prisoners should be released: Gnanasara Thero requests the President.

* We will face the General Election giving Priority to Buddhism: Ranil

* Abduction of Swiss Embassy Official  – Diaspora Tamil Organization in the Background: Kamal Gunaratne, Defence Secretary

* attempt to trap Sri Lanka in Geneva: Dew Gunasekara

* Ranils’s name proposed for UN Secretary General

* Until War Crimes accountability is declared the trauma will shadow the Gota Government: Col. Hriharan, India.

* Government will abandon UN Resolution. International relationship will not be affected.

* As Sahran could not be marketed the Muslim MPs are being targeted: Rishad accuses rulers.

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