Sunday 12 July 2020
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News Bits…

News Bits…

*  Ministry of Buddha Sasana is to undertake researches in historical locations of North and East in
conjunction with Archeological Department: Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Cultural Affairs.

* Import of ethanol banned: Ministry of Finance

* Solution soon for shortage of employment: Prime Minister Mahindha Rajapakse.

* No one can flee the country now. In coming persons will be monitored: Minister of State Luxman Yapa.

*  Gota’s Throne speech tomorrow

* We should be prepoared to face threats: Army Commander Shavendra Silva.

* Main Suspect in the abduction case of 11 Tamils, Navy Sampath, released on bail.

* There is no need to get people’s mandate through political Revenge: Minister of State Susil Premajayantha.

* The benefits provided by Good governance should continue: Ranil express anticipation.

* Gotabhaya will not abuse the power vested in him: Prof. G.L.Pieris.

* Government is planning to jail five members of the opposition and then go to the election: Asath Sali

* We should go back to electorate based election: insists Vasutheva Nanayakkara.

* Muslims have no connection with Easter Sunday bombings: Returning Turkey Ambassador says to Defence Secretary

* No one will be allowed to rob properties in the guise of Democracy: State minister Vithura Wickramanayake.

* President’s anticipation is to build up an efficient people friendly State service: President’s secretary.

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