Sunday 29 March 2020
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News Bits……

News Bits……

*  US should re consider trhe travel ban on Major General Savendra  Silva:  Sri Lankan Government insist with US.

* Due assistance will be provided to families of Missing: Promise, Mahinthe Rajapakse.

* EU should proclaim travel on others accused of war crimes: Insists, HRW

* Chances of travel ban on Gota by  US: Thampanantha thero.

* UNP has no political Future: Anurakumara, JVP

* Sahran’s group plans to fill explosives in ambulances and carry out attack in areas including Jaffna.

* Ranil acting like an wolf in Goat skin: Asath Sali.

* Political Revenge Commission  to commence inquiries today.

* People will reject UNP whichever symbol it contest under.

* Doctors got 100,000/- as commission for Cancer injection: Former Minister Rajitha Senaratne.

* CID decides to inquire Rishad, wife on recovery of several billions worth of documents.

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