Sunday 12 July 2020
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News Bits…

News Bits…

* The Government in crisis due to the   “ Surrender Testimony”  at Geneva. Government delegation rush to Geneva.

* Action taken by Government to curb KP’s properties.

* Mahindha gave 600 Million to LTTE to boycott  election:  JVP

* Clamouring to come to power to hide their crimes:  Chandrika Kumaranathunge.

* The responsibility of stopping drug trafficking lies with the Navy: Maithri.

*We will not allow to punish Mahintha, Gota. But Tiger leaders will be punished: UNP.

* Mahindha and Maithri in secret contact: JVP

* Forces blocking Re-settlement: Former Minister Swaminathan.

* Some people within good governance attempting to burry the people who instituted regime change: CM, Eastern Provincial Council.

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